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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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The Island LARP
The Island LARP

Action! Adventure! Intrigue! Mystery! Shipwrecks, Treasure, Strange fogs, Pirates, Miracles, Reunions, Losing Oneself, Finding Oneself....

The Island still needs players and cast. If you're a fan of Lost, or classic stories such as Island of Dr. Moreau, Mysterious Island, Most Dangerous Game, Treasure Island, Pitcairn's Island, King Kong, Greek and other mythology, etc, come play! We really would like to fill soon, so that we can get a better idea of M/F ratio of characters. The writing team* is Moira Parham, Suzanne Wayner and Paul Wayner, with GM and tech support from many others. They are a really good, experienced group of folks working hard on this and have a lot of cool plots and characters, but need people to play them still.

Game setting is modern day. It runs July 11-13 2008, Lenhartsville, PA - go to http://www.islandlarp.com to sign up.

[* this is a great writing team! I will be playing... come and join me!]

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I think ambug666 and moiramisu covered it pretty well. A lot of it is making it clear to the writer/GMs that you are new and want a character that would work well with that. As moiramisu alluded, possibly a "cast" character would be better, as they are often more straightforward, more frontloaded with stuff, etc. But I trust these writers... I think they will do well by you no matter what.

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