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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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since it's national poetry month or some such

Door, Lock, Key

This way is barred, the latch will not release
The bolt. There is another path to wend
But still I stand, and let my progress cease,
Beguiled by secrets that the wood defends.
Behind the bar, the tumblers, unaligned,
In silence wait. A slide and twist is all
That's needed to induce them to resign,
Then at a slightest push, the barrier falls.
What mystery the missing metal holds,
Its shape defined by what it needs to turn;
A silent phrase, by jagged metal told-
One letter off, and answers stay unlearned.
As door and lock and key are intertwined,
So word and will are ever bound with mind.

- January, 2008

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Oh, excellent.

[adds to memories]

What gloriously rich language.

You are so brilliant. I want to crawl into your head and have a cuppa whilst looking around.

oh, yeah, and don't spill yer tea

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Re: oh, yeah, and don't spill yer tea


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