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or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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i guess it's sort of like singing in the shower
Shadow-cat has this tendency to yowl rhythmically in the evenings for about minute- it's this throaty, repetitive noise that sounds like she's calling her brother Brutus or something.

Last night, it sounded particularly loud and, well, resonant. I flipped on the light in the hall and there was a startled "meep" from the bathroom. So I looked in there...

Yep, there she was, in the bathtub. She had this sort of "busted" look on her face, then looked indignant- "I find the perfect acoustics in this place and you have to barge in on me." Her attempt to stalk off in high dudgeon was marred by her inability to get traction in the tub, but she managed it.

Silly cat.

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Used to do exactly the same thing in the bathroom. However if you walked in, she didn't care, and kept going.

That is far too adorable.

Our cat Indie did something similar... when Cameron moved out, Indie discovered that an empty, hardwood-floored room has GREAT acoustics, and would go up there to yowl mournfully. One would be tempted to conclude he missed Cameron, if one hadn't seen the cat flee for his life whenever he saw Cam. I think he just liked the sound of his own voice :-)

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