per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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one of the many reasons i love monsteralice
evcelt: Did you buy the sandpaper you needed?
monsteralice: Yep.
e: But not sandpipers?
m: I got two of those, too! They're in the car.
e: Be careful- they might poop all over it.
m: No, they won't- they're in a plastic bag.
e: But they'll suffocate!
m: No!
e: Unless you poked holes in the bag.
m: I didn't...
e: But I bet they did!
m: ::giggles madly::

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whew. good thing she got those herself. The way my heads been addled the last few days if you'd sent me I'd have ended up bring you sand pebbles, and a ship that big would have ruined your suspension.

And I'm not all that sure I'm unaddled yet...

I love when I can have an exchange like this with my SO. It tells me again why we are so good for each other.

Bravo you two.

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