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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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[dc area] Ar-go-nauts! Ar-go-nauts!
Forgot to mention- last week monsteralice and I saw the Shakespeare Theatre's production of Argonautika. It rocked.

That may seem to be an odd way to refer to a play based on a tragic Greek myth, but trust me, it rocked. It was written and directed by Mary Zimmerman, who last presented Shakespeare's "Pericles" at the Theatre. She synthesized the two major sources for the myth, creating an energetic, bawdy, humorous, and touching production. The heroes introduced themselves with drumming and chanting/rapping. There was puppetry, models, a symbolic Argo represented by a mast, ropes, and oars. The actors threw themselves into their roles with vim and vigor; the characters felt modern and knowable while remaining ancient and archetypical. It ended with a sardonic deconstruction of the hero myth followed by a breathtaking leap into the stars and back into mystery.

Highly recommended.

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Oh I so want to see this!! I need to contact my friend and get tix from her again.

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