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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Fundraising challenge at work
I work for the Close Up Foundation, a civic education not-for-profit in the DC suburbs. We bring thousands of high school and middle school kids in each year for a week-long intensive program- they visit important and historical sites; go to seminars given by experts in politics, foreign and domestic policy, and the like; meet their elected officials, and explore their new-found knowledge in workshops. We work their tails off, bless 'em- they have to be really motivated to attend. It's often a really transformative experience for them- we get letters every year from kids who have decided to go for a government job or run for office, or just alter their focus a bit, because of their time in DC with us. We have a fair number of legislators and other public servants as alumni- both Senators from Louisiana, for starters.

Times have been tough around here recently. We seem to be (::knock wood::) past the worst of it, but it's still the sort of situation where every little bit helps. So, when we have an opportunity to get a $50K prize from a group that is trying to support grassroots philanthropy, it's an all-hands effort.

From our Development department:

"The Case Foundation recently launched America’s Giving Challenge, which aims to popularize online giving and make philanthropy a more democratic, grassroots activity.

At the end of January, up to $50,000 will be awarded to the top few charities that receive the most “unique donations” – that is, individual donors. The amount of money we raise is not the focus – rather, it is all about how many different individuals we can get to donate online. By donating as little as $10 today, you can help us win $50,000! Every donation counts -- and helps us reach out to even more youth on our civic education programs. Donate today at: http://www.networkforgood.org/pca/Badge.aspx?badgeId=108764

And spread the word: Share this link with others!

Are you on Facebook? There is an exciting “sister challenge” going on there, and the timing of the donation matters. (Though a donation made on Facebook any day between now and the end of January is great, too). Log on to Facebook and find Close Up listed in the Causes Application. Join the cause, have it appear on your own profile, recruit your own network of Facebook friends to join… and feel free to add content & comments to the Close Up Causes page to make it more dynamic.

Then, between 3:01 p.m. on Thursday, January 10 and 2:59 p.m. on Friday, January 11, rally everyone you know on Facebook to donate as little as $10 (using the Causes application) – this will make us eligible to win one of their daily $1,000 awards for most new donors in one day. After that, continue spreading the word to new donors – we can also win one of several $10,000- $50,000 prizes for having the greatest numbers of unique donors on Facebook at the end of the month."

So... if you can donate, or know someone who can, that would be really cool. Thanks!

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