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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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What? Were you *thinking*?
"To the Fundraising Director, Defenders of Wildlife

I recently received a solicitation from your organization- the "Urgent Petition to Save Yellowstone Wolves" package.

It is possibly one of the most outrageously wasteful mailings from a so-called environmentalist organization that I have ever received.

1. It was made of heavy cardboard, with a plastic window. This is hard to recycle.

2. It contained an insert made of plastic of a variety that most recyclers won't handle.

3. It contained a pen that was in a further unrecyclable plastic wrapping... and I somehow doubt that the pen itself was made in an environmentally-sound facility.

4. The whole thing was then shrink-wrapped!

What in the world made you think that this was environmentally responsible? Don't get me wrong- I appreciate your organization's work, and have supported it in the past, but this makes you look really bad. I mean, aside from the insult to my intelligence by using a "petition" to cover what is essentially a begging letter, the whole package was extremely wasteful. It makes you look very bad, in my eyes at least.

You have an opportunity here. Rework your fundraising to use low-impact materials, and minimize the amount you use. Keep moving to online fundraising.

By the way, I'm going to post about this to my blog and some mailing lists that I'm on. So this isn't just going to stop with me.

Until you become more responsible, I don't want *any* more mailings from you. Please take me off your mailing list.

[name and address]

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What we REALLY need to do is find a way to expose giving opportunities to worthy organizations via the Net. This has to be done in a way the cannot be interpreted, and this discarded, as e-mail spam. I'm thinking some sort of opt-in based on interest.

For example, I donate very heavily for education and hunger-relief. I am not as interested in other causes. I would appreciate some sort of matching service (like a dating service, only with a different objective) that pairs me with organizations that square-up with my charitable giving goals.

that would be wonderful!

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