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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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the bugles sing "the last post in chorus", the pipes play "the flowers of the forest"
George MacDonald Fraser dies at 82

He was a very talented and versatile author- "The Pyrates" is a amazing and funny book, and I have only just recently started to discover the "Flashman" books, which are also wonderful. He wrote the classic book on the the Scottish Border Reivers, and his "Quartered Safe Out Here" is a fine memoir of a neglected part of WWII. He was also a good scriptwriter.

But my favorite books of his were the "McAuslan" stories. A fictionalized version of his experiences in the Gordon Highlanders just after the war, they were hysterically funny and also gave an accurate picture of life in a Highland regiment at the time. I drew heavily on them for my character Archie MacDonald in the 1948:Signals LARP campaign.

I didn't always agree with this views, but the man could write like no-one's business.

Ave atque vale...

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Damn. The Flashman Papers were some of my favorites - and, of course, the Pyrates.

If you're interested in reading about Flashman's father, Fraser also wrote a book called Black Ajax, set in the Regency Period.

I was bummed about this, too, but I have to be glad he made
it to 82. That's respectable - you can't really whine "unfair"
at that one. Tho' I'm sure I will when it's my turn.

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