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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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This Flickr-based travel guide used one of my pics from Austin TX:

The site is called Schmap, which I find amusing for some reason...

...pity they didn't mention the bats.

But, to paraphrase HST, they'll see them soon enough. ;-)

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I looked all over but couldn't find it. Hint, please?

The page on that direct link has a photo in the right-hand column of people walking-- tiny print underneath says "aeddubh." That's the one! (May be that one needs to know some of evcelt's aliases... Aed Dubh is one of 'em-- used to be on his license plate, the car before the Jade Bat. ::grin:: "Bad Bad Man, Stop That Smirking!" is another one.

Also: cool! Congrats, evcelt! And they gave you a byline! Where did they get the photo?

I found it, thanks.

And: wow evcelt, there sure are a lot of bats in Austin, aren't there? I never made the association before. Is it their state bird?

it certainly should be!

I have some of the photos posted on flickr, I think.

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