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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Pictures from Atlantis
Well, from the game Secret of Atlantis, at least...

Coolest. Site. Ever.

Also, note my new LJ icon. Cleans up well, don't he? ;-)

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Cleaned up or scruffy - still cute either way.

Aw, gee shucks...

thanks, hon...

Wow. Where are those from?

The Ocean Exhibit at COSI in Columbus, Ohio. They have one room with the statue (which is 30 feet tall!) and other water stuff that was used for Atlantis, and a set of other rooms kitted out like the interior of a submarine that was used for... the submarine. ;-)

thing to remember.. those pictures of Poseidon are only of the TOP HALF of the statue... there is another shot of the globe wiht shows the bottom half.

I am waiting for the picture that shows me standing in front of the staue and fountains, for scale..

Ooooh. I've been there. Did you have a water fight with the water canons? When was this game held and who ran it?

I ran it last weekend.


Cool pics. I'm glad you got the globe.

Thanks. I made a point of getting that one...

No water fights... doesn't really go with Victorian outfits...

Your other questions are answered here.

thankee, hon.



thankee kindly.


Cleaned up or scruffy - always handsome!

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