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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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doing the new-ink happy dance!
As foreboded in a recent entry, I got new ink yesterday!

...taken this morning, and still a little owie-looking... I'm going to wait 'til it settles down, but I do think that the glyphs at least need some touchup...

It was a good experience... picked up wylddelirium and gave her a monkey, then drove up to Frederick. Time Bomb is a very nice place, snazzy, really... the Captain spent about an hour coming up with the design and drawing it on me, then the work began. Ow ow ow... one of the more painful ones...

wylddelirium and Dee had this weird conversation- or at least it sounded weird to me- all I could make out for a lot of it was "Doctor doctor doctor doctor... pie pie pie pie pie... pain pain pain pain...".

wylddelirium earned a few obscene gestures for making me laugh. Abraham worked up her tat and started in. I almost thought that he would finish hers before Gordon started mine, but no... I got to watch her make her tattoo-pain faces. Always entertaining, especially when I'm crocked on endorphins.

All told, very satisfying

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I can't access the "recent entry". I feel so locked out. *sniffle*

But it is a way cool tat. Any specific meaning behind it? What do the glyphs mean?

The background is the only new part. The glyphs read "bolon zotz" ("9 Bat") and "ah tz'ib" ("he of the writing" i.e. "scribe" or "writer"). The vision serpent was done for my 40th birthday, and the bowl has the Maya number 40 on it. The dog is for our Judy-dog (and to commemorate our trip last year).

The background is based off of traditional Mesoamerican smoke designs, and kind of goes with the vision serpent...

I mean nothing dishonest when I say that sometimes Dee and I converse in a different language. It uses english words and gestures, but there's a lot of meaning conveyed in inflection. You didn't hear wrong, although there were other words (I'm surprised you didn't pick up on "Squirt", which was there too).

Dee speaks Del-speak, and I don't mean me.

"Squirt" doesn't carry as well over the sound of the tattoo gun. Or I may have, but ignored it out of self-preservation... that's a funny word.

It is very pretty! Nice!

Ooooh. Shiny! Y'all did well.

we make a pretty good team... ;-)

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