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weather wonder
The cold front rolled through about an hour ago.

I was looking out my window and noticing how things were getting lighter to the east (where the prevailing winds had been from) but darker to the west, so I went out on the balcony to check.

North along the river, it was thunderstorm-dark over DC, and the edge of a dark, low mass of clouds rushing in from the northwest was just passing over the east bank of the Potomac at the Naval Station. Fog was rising off the surface of the water and streaming like smoke from the land, reaching up to touch the clouds.

The temperature was noticeably dropping as I watched. The clouds rolled in over my head like some sending from Mount Doom, fog now forming opposite to me on the Maryland shore like the mists over the Dead Marshes. It began to rain again, so I went inside- but I could still see the fog line moving downriver, making the shore south of the Wilson Bridge look like a snow-covered mountain slope before things faded back into the blown light rain of the front itself.

Wow, just wow...

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You have good taste in music.

And I love that description - I haven't been in DC during winter in ages, but I can see it all happen in my mind's eye. Thank you.

Hi, I found you through morlockx.
You sound much too interesting for me not to friend you.

Do you mind?

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