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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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lodging advice in London
So... a friend at work is going to be visiting London for a few days later this year. She's looking for advice on where to stay. She's "not interested in frills", but would like something that has a decent location, good value for price, etc.

Any advice from the travelers (and locals) on my flist?

Thanks in advance...

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I've always liked Rick Steve's books for finding cool and interesting places. I used them on my last three trips through Europe and they were great. We stayed in some cool places as a result of those books!

Our most recent trip (July/August 2005), we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express - Victoria (walking distance from Victoria Station). It has free breakfast and was clean and cheap.

We actually found it in the Rick Steve's London book.

doubleplus may remember the names of the places we usually stay near Russell Square. Normally we try to stay at an actual English hotel. But we couldn't say at our usual places in July/August 2005) because the nearby tube station was closed due to the bombings. And I need to stay somewhere in walking distance of a tube station, due to lack of working knees/hips/etc.

Hope that helps.

Gee...I don't know. When I go to London I generally stay with the Queen.

Do you stay in Buckingham Palace or St. James Palace?

It's a funny thing, but last time I was over she put me up in the Tower. Go figure.

That's a swanky joint. A lot of high-class folks stayed there, back in the day. Check-out can be a bitch, though...

Yeah, they tend to cut you off at the last minute or leave you hanging.

Two main research tools come to mind:

www.specialplacestostay.com - cross-references B&Bs for various things, lists prices, and contact-form got me pretty quick responses from sites

www.LondonTown.com - discount prices, easy booking system, easy cancellation methods, also recommend for booking theater tix, etc. My experience with them last year was so good that unless I'm there for other reasons (work, etc., which arranges lodging for us), I'll use them exclusively from now on. Has standard hotels, luxury hotels, budget hotels (may be what your no-frills friend is looking for), hostels, B&Bs, etc.

A general note: London is EXPENSIVE right now-- big-$$ for hotels, goods are expensive, taxes are high.

...(as castalusoria said before) London is pretty expensive. And just regular price for any average hotel will be something like 100-150 EURO per night.

But if you pay two times more you could get Really Luxury Historical Hotel and you remember this trip for years.

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