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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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poem, fresh out of my brain...

...inadvertently sparked by catpaw67 at FSG...


The simplest question can wrench the works-
So be unsurprised when "What's new?" stops me,
Blanks my gaze, then frosts it with mild panic,
Renders me numb, dumbly stammering.
My eventual shrug or "not much"- they lie.
Too much rushes up at once in answer, stuns
My voice. It is not silence you hear,
But a damping wash of white noise.

...off to get a massage from larp_tech, thank the gods...

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I was wondering what that white noise was.

So....what's new? ;-)

I <3 your poems. This one was so true! I guess being a mom has warped my brain a little, as it made me think of teenagers.

"How was your day at school, honey?"

"Fine." (or, worse, *shrug*)

"What did you do?"

"Nothing." (or "Y'know, stuff," or, worse, *shrug*)

I guess I will have to try to get better responses out of my child when the time comes. For now, she is babbling like crazy but we can only figure out a few words at a time unless we specifically ask (as in, "Would you like blueberries?" "Boo-bies!" (LOL)

I <3 your poems. This one was so true!

Thank you...

I guess being a mom has warped my brain a little

Only a little? Just wait...

"Would you like blueberries?" "Boo-bies!"

hee hee hee. Somehow, I'm not surprised...

Sweet! I'll never ask you what's up. I'll ask you, "What's the most poignant thing you've encountered today?"


"Tell me what your poet's voice says about the landscape around us right now,"


"What's the most delightful thing anyone has said to you so far today?"

or something like that.

And you can give me a concrete answer that's linked to something actual, important and real.

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