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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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(no subject)
So... slowly recovering from FSG, but my head still feels like it's been stuffed with malevolent cotton. Seventh consecutive year on staff(!), and about the twentieth time I've attended...

Apparently I missed a zombie invasion, but since I spent part of Friday night hanging out with the Ghede, it all balances out.

I had a wonderful time. Some high points:

- Geo's memorial
- the main ritual
- meeting new friends, reconnecting with old friends, getting to know cool people better
- being present for people getting ink
- the sumbol
- slacking on The Wrong Side of the Tracks
- a powerful and thought-provoking Brigid pathworking
- the Vodou fet
- the Telesma and Kiva concerts
- a wonderfully helpful reading from latzoni
- an important late-night conversation with R. and Firesong
- having just the right staff job, and working with great people to create a great gathering

Only a few downsides:
- I really need to work on my presenter skills
- I didn't sleep enough
- I was actually too cold on Thursday

"Damballah doesn't want to see your pasty white ass."
"Don't stick your dick in crazy."
"Sooner or later, everyone is in Kiva."
"Boris, I think everyone here is Moose and Squirrel!"
"The last thing I want to see at that hour is smegma."

More coherent thoughts possible later. I'm just ugly-tired right now...

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"The last thing I want to see at that hour is smegma."

This is right up there with a quote from another friend's journal about their weekend "Five words: naked picnic table shibari bukkake"

Apparantly there was a lot of late night smegma this weekend.

naked picnic table shibari bukkake

Sounds like an incantation...

actually, it was someone talking about teaching a morning workshop, and being at eye-level with someone's junk.

You felt your presentation did not go well?

Yes and no. I kind of bombed on the info part... bad delivery- I sounded awful even to me.

The guided meditation went very well, though.

I just need to rehearse more.

It pleased me a lot that you had the sumbol as one of your highlights. They've kind of become a "mainstay" of FSG, and sometimes they kinda get blown by, particularly the Saturday night ones, because everyone's exhausted.

I was glad it was good for you.

Sorry I wasn't there for most of the Sat night one, but I was walking dead by that point...

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