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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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A new day dawning in Northern Ireland

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Wow. How different from the time when I lived in the UK, and there were such frequent bombings. It seems like I was evacuated from so many places, because someone had left a bag unattended. It gives hope to so many other situations in the world, if they can see that people can work together to create peace.

Yeah, I remember when monsteralice and I went to London in 1990... bombings, mortar attacks... I just hope that this is an example and a beacon of hope.

Yes, when I was there in Ireland and England 13 yr ago now, we almost didn't make our plane, as they stopped the subway, as someone had lobbed a bomb onto the runway of the airport. Then when we got home, they opened things up between Dublin and Belfast, some of the folks we had met were going to visit family up north for the first time in years! Progress in steps.

totally off topic, but you look really sessy in that icon piccy

I remember telling someone almost twenty years ago that there was a
political solution, & he tried to make me feel very naive, but I
stood my ground. I knew that the Irish had a Western & not Eastern
mentality. So it was only the length of time that made me naive - I
honestly thought it could have happened much sooner than this.

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