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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Where the ancient word was known,
Where it was preserved, treasured,
Where it was first revealed to outsiders-
Here I move, a wandering cipher,
Down streets crowded with busy folk,
Crowded with eleven hundred years.
Against the blue and gray shift of sky,
Here lies the heart of all-
Up the steps forbidden to me,
Up the nineteen holy months.
Here is where I bow, do not climb,
Circle to a more respectful gate.
Inside is dimness, cool and solid;
Low hum, damply eddying, echoing
Through the soul-thronged air,
Murmuring against centuries-blackened stone.
Mystery turning and cycling here,
Twined in copal smoke,
Patterned by flower-petal prayers-
Hushed balancer of outside bustle.
I surface to the dayworld again, and
Past all stalls and merchants I am drawn;
Past the calvary church, smaller
Yet no less sacred, and there,
Beyond my range today,
Lies the city of the dead.
Bright colors shimmer there
Behind incense trails, threads of worship,
Calm counterweight to hilltop commerce,
To the church's shadowed well of years.
Tempted only slightly by the downward path,
I sigh, turn my back, and return to market.


pix from there...

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This is breathtaking. Do you mind if I share it with a mutual someone? He needs to see this and you know why.

Thank you. Share and enjoy...

"Mutual someone?" the Bazzer, or someone else?

Yes that would be the mutual someone. He really needs to see this.

(more than) cool by me... let me know what he thinks...

Of course! Thank you for writing this and letting me share. It's just....wonderful!

you're very welcome... thanks for the praise...

He said: Hughs poem v strong -thanks for that.

Understated, but very true.

Re: Just heard back...


Thank you, H. I am enlarged by this. It has even enhanced my immediate memory of the Guatemalan coffee I drank this morning. Really... before reading this, my only perception of Guatemala was as a source of coffee; a name on a map. I had no mental landscape and no sense of culture.

You're most very welcome.

If you ever have the time and money, I heartily recommend visiting Guatemala. On our tour, we also visited Lake Atitlan (one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, and apparently in the world... we were ravished by it...), Copan* (often deemed the most beautiful Maya site) and Tikal (often deemed the most magnificent Maya site), and Antigua Guatemala (a gorgeous Spanish Colonial town in an almost absurdly dramatic setting). It's a beautiful country with some sobering problems, a study in contrasts in almost every way...

Oh, and the best coffee we have ever had. ;-)

We went via Caravan Tours- they are a quality operation. Our tour director was a diminutive polymath with never-ending energy and humor... she was wonderful. More of my comments on the tour are on the comments section of their site.

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