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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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the last trump
It's done.

All 78 cards.

I started with the 9 of Pentacles several years ago, and finished (as planned) with the Fool, just this past weekend (while and in the same room as wylddelirium getting her Delirium tat finished...).

I'm pretty satisfied with the results. I'm no artist, and I'd love to have some small proportion of the skill of Pamela Colman Smith or Lady Frieda Harris (or, dare I dream of it, Robin Wood), but I think I pushed my limitations a bit, and did better than I thought I would. So far, people have been reacting well to it. I will have to get some of them scanned and posted...

It's been an interesting journey. I had sketches for all 78 cards- I used some almost directly, used others as springboards, and departed entirely from some when new ideas came crashing in or boiling up. Some came under their own steam- the four Aces appeared during the main ritual at Between the Worlds 2004; Papa Legba and the Ghede both demanded and received their own Major cards (the Chariot and Judgement, respectively) after three of the four Maidens became aspects of Brigid. Some I had to do some questing for. I added keywords to the Minors (to my own aid, if nothing else), and came up with my own planetary attributions for the Majors.

I'm not entirely done- I had a conversation with a couple of dragons during my own recent tat and got an extra bit of classification to add to at least the Majors. But the designs are finished.

Next will be getting them into a form that will take some handling. They're on blank flashcards right now- not the most durable thing... some of them are already getting dogeared. I might photocopy them onto cardstock, and I also kind of want to laminate the originals (after adding a card back design). Any suggestions in this direction?

Maybe, someday, I will put them up on the web with descriptions and a card selector, like Morgan's Tarot...

Now I get to select the next art/craft project(s) I want to work on... ;-)

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(Deleted comment)
Educate me- what are the benefits of TIFF files over other formats? I honestly don't know...

I just know it's the industry standard for images for print. I think it is "cleaner", whatever that really means.

(Deleted comment)
Ah. Thanks, that makes sense!


Now I get to select the next art/craft project(s) I want to work on... ;-)

Why not let your new tarot cards decide?

now, there's a thought...

Congratulations. The sense of completion that you'd get from a project of that magnitude must be fantastic. Massive kudos to you.

Also, if I may jump in on skipernicus' comment, TIFF files take up much more diskspace than JPEGs or GIFS, but are infinitely more detailed. A JPEG really isn't much good for printing, but a TIFF, when scanned correctly, can be,

78 high quality TIFFs may require some major space, but that's the best way to maintain them digitally.


and yes, that makes sense about the TIFFs...

That is awesome. I look forward to seeing them!

thanks... I'll make sure you get a chance.

Not only am I proud of you, but I'm also in awe of you. This is no small feat you've accomplished and I'm duly impressed. Now, I can't wait to see this work of art!

Well Done! I would love to see them.

Likewise, on both sentiments!

Thanks! I'll try to give you a chance to look at 'em...

thanks! I'm sure you'll get a chance soon. :-)

The journey of creating one's own deck is an idea that warms me. To me, personal decks seem to capture the very essence of the tarot. I admire you for starting out, for continuing and for finishing the project.

Congrats on your accomplishment.

That's brilliant, congratulations! Laminating them is a piece of cake, if you decide you want to go that route. Kinko's has machines, and so does my office.

But if you decide to really go the whole nine yards and want something with a little more polish, here are a few places you can get them done or order reasonably professional do-it-yourself kits (sorry, I'm unbelievably anal, and nothing gives me more of a rush than researching shit for friends):





(Cartamundi and Yaquinto, which was acquired by Cartamundi fairly recently, are both more along the lines of professional card printing companies that might be interested in, say, a more advanced print run if you ever decided to try to market your deck.)

Okay. Done being anal now. Congratulations!

thanks, and thanks for the resources!

Congratulations - how wonderful to see the completion of such a major project. And the ones you showed me were amazing. Beautiful concepts and colors - and style/execution! You did well.

Congrats, hon. I know what went into those cards, and how much of younthey are. They are beautiful and talkative... and you know I love Stacia's sneakers...*grin*

Well done!

I would love to see your deck when finished. I have always admired the beautiful artwork in the Robin Wood deck. I would particularly love to see your 9 of swords card. Of all the themes, that one has always been one that intrigues me.

I'll make sure you get a chance to see them...

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