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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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doggy healing needed
Our Molly-dog is in hospital overnight for observation and treatment. She had an episode of bloody diarrhea and is dehydrated; they were unable to find an actual cause but recommended this course as wisest.

I think she's going to be OK, but any prayers, healing energy, or good thoughts you can send her way would be muchly appreciated. If nothing else, she's going to be away from us overnight and she hates that, so calming/soothing her would be a good focus...


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Oh sweetie. I am very sorry. Hugs to both of you. Did she get vaccinated recently? That was how Ruppy reacted several years ago when she developed the thrombocytopenia. Keeping my fingers crossed that she heals soon.

No. We changed her food almost a week ago (because of the recall, etc.) but that's about all. It might just be an odd example of an Addisonian crisis...

Thanks for the good thoughts though. She's with the same vets who saved her life four years ago... they walk on water as far as I'm concerned, and if there are better hands for her to be in right now, I don't know them.

Sending much healing energy her way. Melanie and Vera send their good wishes and wags as well.

Sending healing energy and hopes for a speedy recovery your way.

I hope the first thing they tested her for is hook worms. They're insidious and can getcha no matter what preventative measures you take. Hopefully, she'll be okay. Keep us posted, eh?

Her stool, etc. checked out parasite free...

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Re: I'm not very influential these days

Every little bit helps, thanks!

The cats and I are in there pitching for Molly!

Will keep her in my thoughts!


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