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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Spring at the cabin- twofold!
So we opened the cabin this past weekend. Alas, although the original plumbing problem was fixed (the drain faucet literally broke off in monsteralice's hand when she was detaching the hose last fall), there is now a leak in the water intake pipe. ::sigh:: So, no running water, and refilling the toilet from the stream. Not too bad, really, just a minor irritation...

The cabin itself weathered the winter just fine, and there were no dead animals inside, which is a plus. It's an interesting phase of the season up there- flowers blooming, but no leaves on the trees yet. All the sight lines are longer, and there is still a sparse feeling to the world, but the small green things and the bird-song balance it out.

The stream is running quite nicely, and the spring that I discovered a year or so ago is flowing merrily, with more water volume than I've ever seen there. So I spent a pleasant couple of hours mucking out the spring pool and the channel that leads water to the stream, and built a little cairn shrine at the foot of the overhanging pine tree. I think I need to get a little statue for the spring spirit, too.

Then I went inside and wrote this:

Spring Clearing

For Her, dwelling between ripple and flash,
Not for anyone else save I and my love-
For water, relentless, finds its own way-
I am clearing the spring.
Mud, old mulch of leaf, needle, cone;
Eroded road gravel, crunching under shovel;
Silt-plumes storm-racing downstream;
And I am clearing the spring.
For the limpid, joyous, bankside gush,
The silver shimmer glyph on the ground,
Sudden running song of freed flow,
I am clearing the spring.
In this breathing light, unfiltered by trees,
The year's upswing runs clear before me,
Away on, leaving a bright path ahead.
I am clearing for Spring.

That felt good. I was afraid for a while that my muse was becoming more remote, but this makes me feel hopeful.