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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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for my Massachusetts friends
So, my friend Bish is in an awesome Celtic folk-rock band called Coyote Run. He just send me this message:

Coyote Run is playing the VERY prestigious "Iron Horse Music Hall" on
Friday, March 23rd at 10pm in Northampton, Mass. Advance tickets are
$10, at the door is $13. This is a very important gig for us, but the
folks at the Iron Horse are getting antsy that advance ticket sales
have been weaker than they expected. If there's anyone you think
would be interested in hearing us play up in that neck of the woods,
please have them call and grab tickets ASAP!

The number for the Iron Horse is 1.800.THE.TICK, or you can order
online from www.iheg.com

We'd really appreciate the support, and I'd like to see the folks
from up north again!

Thought you'd like to know...

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Do you have a link sample of his band's music somewhere? (I checked their website briefly, but didn't see anything.) I ask because NoHo's a bit of a hike for me, but on the other hand, it might be a good way to unwind after the hellweek March 19 and on is going to be, if the music's to my taste. :)

From Bish:

Here's a few spots to check:

Full-length songs, 4 of em:

Snippets of many songs are available at:
http://www.coyoterun.com/ <--- click on "store" then pick an album

We're also on the iTunes music store. Check out anything to do with "Pleads the Fifth" and that's our most recent sound.

Hope that helps!

It still tickles the hell out of me that there's someone who's actually heard of my old band, though I guess it makes sense. I know one of their big gigs was always the summer pagan festivals, and up until recently the number of pagans I knew could have been counted on one finger.

It's good to know that the group is still going strong. I caught them at the Penn Renn Faire last year, and they do a hell of a show. The quality of their CDs continues to improve with each release, but it never comes close to capturing the kind of edge they create when performing live.

Interesting side note, the lead singer for that, David Doersch, was also my first stage combat instructor. He's a bad-ass, like a Klingon pirate in a fancy hat.

I was just going to say...THAT Coyote Run?!

*It's a Small World After All* choruses painfully in my head. Figured I'd share. Kill me when you see me next, because I already owe you for Epic Movie.

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