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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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i feel it in the air / the summer's out of reach
I dug my trusty biker jacket out of the closet today. As its weight- suitable to the armor it is- descended on my shoulders, I finally admitted it: the Boys of Summer are gone again. Yeah, I know the World Series is still on, but screw baseball, that's not what I'm talking about here... Anyone who read one of my recent posts realizes the reference, and ladytamma should know it from the inside out, as it were. If I dig though my poetry, I can give you another hint... here:

After Equinox

The wind brings this song to you:
Airs hiss between the reeds,
Unrestful birds racket and bunch,
Cold iron sky throws biting rain,
Crisp breath thrills the lungs,
Mist coyly clings in hollows,
Red-gold apples scent the breeze,
Leaves begin their burn along hills,
Harvest moon no longer lights clouds.
Windsong carries you this news:
Autumn has come.

So, almost like some kind of age-addled snowbird, I'm winging my way down south this weekend. Not for refuge, mind you- I much prefer being too cold to being too hot, although I suffer from the latter less. No, it's to sample once again the delights of a place once described to me as "the northernmost Carribean isle"- New Orleans. I've heard a lot about the dark carnival it becomes during Hallowe'en, and the first time we went, we had to leave right before things got really interesting. So this time, we're staying through Samhain, leaving on All Souls' Day. We should be attending at least one Vodou event, and who knows what decadence and debauchery we shall indulge in? Besides the usual attractions: Planter's punch... red beans and rice... blues and jazz and Cajun music... swamp tour... and Café du Monde, which is one of the epicenters of my universe now... ravenrose just posted the roster of weirdoes that are going on this adventure... I can scarcely wait.

Looks like I'll want to pack a jacket, oddly enough. That's just fine with me; as I mentioned, I prefer it a bit cold, and extra pockets are helpful when on vacation. I like going places in the off-season- not that NOLA at Hallowe'en actually qualifies, except by contrast with Mardi Gras (:::shudder::: I'm crowd-phobic). But I love going places when they're quiet and nearly empty, especially the beach. Sure, many things are closed, but the locals actually seem happy to see you, and monsteralice is both heat-sensitive and allergic to sunscreen, so it's really the only time for us to go, too. I miss swimming in the ocean a bit, but I could still do it in late spring if I'm insane enough. I was very happy to see that the "New Jersey" game of the Signals campaign is actually being held in Rehoboth Beach, a childhood haunt that I recently rhapsodized about in a comment on one of interactivearts's entries. I remember when Intercon 10 (I think) was held in Ocean City in March, and how much I appreciated being able to go to the beach... even though I was playing the vampire game "City of Lights", and was therefore sleeping all day and gaming all night.

This will make the second time in recent memory that I've been away from home during Samhain. The first time was when monsteralice and I went to Ireland. Apparently, Hallowe'en there (or at least in Dublin) involves shooting off fireworks... I remember being in a shop on the 30th, and hearing explosions- the shopkeeper said "oh, it's just the folks settin' off whiz-bangs, for Hallowe'en, you know." I also heard something about it being a bonfire holiday there, in the countryside or something. Fire and explosions.. I approve.

That time, we actually flew home on Samhain, and were too exhausted to do our usual ceremony. This time, we're all of us going to get together after the day's vodou and commemorate it properly.