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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Take a deep breath. Hold it. Let it go.

The moment of the solstice holds no special place on the clocks of today... "Winter begins" say the calendars, but you may have already shoveled the first snow weeks ago; you may step out next week for a lunchtime walk and find yourself sweating under the low-slanting sun.

But the pendulum swings to its lowest point this evening, and seems to pause. All is poised, with the light ebbed away.

Remember to breathe.

Breathe out stress. Breathe in peace.

For many of us, this has been an annus horribilis; but even with all the bad in the year, there was good.

Breathe out loss and woe. Breathe in joy and adventure.

The light is at the lowest for those of us in the North, but at the highest for those in the South. This plain truth and deep mystery makes the Sun an alchemical furnace, open to us.

Breathe out the dross. Breathe in quintessence.

The constant, everchanging daystar is the beating heart of life, in tune with the hearts of Gaia and all her children.

Breathe, and listen to your heart.

The Wheel turns, the pendulum swings up. Light always returns, as darkness always returns.


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Thank you. I will.


same to you, I'm sure. ;-)

Thank you. Happy Yule.

you're welcome, and thanks!

Thank you. That was beautiful.

Even though my birthday is on the Summer Solstice, I've always been a Winter person. I have yet to figure this one out. Probably because it is my goal in life to be contrary to the universe. :)

Thanks for the reflection. The day has been so hectic I almost forgot what it was.

That was so beautiful. And the reminder to breathe was so very much in order. Thank you for sharing it. Bright blessings, and Happy Yule.

I thought Solstice qwas the 22nd - sorry to have missed the chance to wish you a blessed day.

Technically speaking it was 00:20 GMT/UT on 12/22, but that translates to 7:20 PM EST on 12/21...

But whatever. Like most such things, the actual moment is less meaningful than the influence that spreads around it for a day or so before and after.

So, thank you...

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