per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Ave atque vale, Geo

"Set sail, set sail,
Follow the twilight to the West,
Where you may rest.

Set sail, set sail,
Turn your face where the sun grows dim,
Beyond the rim, beyond the rim.

Set sail, set sail,
One thing becomes another,
In the Mother, in the Mother.

Set sail, set sail,
Make of your heart a burning fire,
Build it higher, build it higher.

Set sail, set sail,
Pass in an instant through the open gate,
It will not wait, it will not wait.

Set sail, set sail,
Over the dark of the sunless sea,
You are free, you are free.

Set sail, set sail,
Guiding the ship of the rising sun,
You are the one, you are the one.

Set sail, set sail,
Into the raging wind and storm,
To be reborn, to be reborn.

Set sail, set sail,
Over the waves where the spray blows white,
To bring the light, to bring the light."

-- Starhawk

I will miss you, man. Your wit and insight, your passion and compassion. You did so much, you were so fearless. A Hero.

Night falls for you, and it is time to leave the Garden for a time, and return to the House. The Gods wait for you there, with open arms and loving smiles. Take your rest, tell Them your stories and receive Their praise.

But come back to the Garden to play again sometime, OK?

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My condolences to you, hugs and gentle thoughts your way.

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