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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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for bluestarturtle
Oh Light, there is no darkness.
Oh Light, we are in the presence of Endless Light.

Papa Legba, Atibon Legba,
Open the gate.
Open the gate that we may go forth.
As we go forth, we shall give thanks to the lwa.

Papa Ghede bel garcon,
Ghede Nimbo bel garcon;
He is all dressed in black,
He is going to the palace.

Ghede Nimbo, behind the cross, Ghede;
Before Baron, Ghede.
Today I am troubled, Gedevi, call Ghede.
I am troubled.
Cease to sweep, sprinkle, hoe.
I am troubled, Ghede.

Papa Ghede, you hold the door between the quick and the dead.
Ghede, my friend is sick, and he stands at your door.
There is a time to live and a time to die,
But I believe that my friend's work here is not done.
Ghede Nimbo, you who are the friend and protector of little children,
Do not let him be sundered from his family.

Papa Ghede, I have spoken his name at your altar;
I have lit your candle, I have poured for you.
Strength, healing, and peace to him, to his family, his loved ones.

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I offer thanks to Papa Ghede,
I give thanks to the lwa.

There is much work to be done,
We are children, all things are possible.
Our Fathers and Mothers know what is best.
We trust in them, give thanks to them.

Thank you.

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