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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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cherry logs across the dogs, they smell like flowers of broom...
So, to our great dismay, the cherry tree in our backyard bit the dust in one of last month's storms. We just had it taken care of, and (since I know it is good wood for many things) we didn't have any of the wood hauled away. It's been cut into what they call "fireplace length", and theres a nice bit of it.

Our fireplace doesn't draw well, and we don't use it.

Anyone who has a need for cherry wood (for any reason), come and take it away...

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oooh i love that.. i would definitely lvoe to take som of that off your hands..

feel free. email me for directions... we don't need to be there when you stop by, but if it's going to be the middle of the day, let me know and i'll tell you where in the yard it is, etc...

I'd like to come get some -- enough for a wand anyway

what size (lenght and width)?

gosh hmm
length... say 2 feetish
width -- say 1inch -- maybe a little more?

I'll see if they left anything that size... they "removed all brush and debris"...

I have a friend that might want it. I'll e-mail him and see what he says.

My friend would like to get some of your wood if there is any left. E-mail me your phone number and I'll pass it along to him so you two can get in touch.

Is "cherry wood" a euphamism for something?

your mom's a euphemism

I might have to come up with a plan to get some of that wood from you. I'll contact you with e-mail to set up a time plan :)

OK. It's not a huge PITA right now... so it's pretty much on your schedule.

Given weather, it will not be all that great forever. We don't have a place to store it...

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