per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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say goodnight to Antigua, say goodnight, my baby...
We're back, safe and sound. I am (as expected) brain dead, but the benefits of a late departure still outweighed the detriments of a late arrival.

It was a fantastic trip. I will probably give more coherent thoughts on the matter when I can actually be more coherent, but let it suffice to say that my only real regret is not having a day or more extra in almost all of the places we went. That, and I kinda wished I'd kept track of how many bottles of Agua Pura Salvavidas I drank during the last week and a half...

I took hundreds of pictures. When I get a chance to cull through and upload them someplace, I'll post a link.

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Welcome back!

Also, could you send me another zombie infection?

I'm not sure I can re-infect the same email. Do you have another email I can use?

Braaaaaaaaaaains . . .

Sure! Use the same userid, but at gmail.

Re: Braaaaaaaaaaains . . .


Welcome home, Monkeydaddy.

Remember that re-entry into real life can be a little jagged sometimes, and so give yourself padding as you can.

I am, I am. It was rougher yesterday. But some more sleep (and a hard choice or two) have made it a bit better.

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