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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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whatever else you may think of the man, this is bang on target in my book...
Transcript of Remarks by Congressman Jim Moran on the Marriage Amendment in July, 2006 (House of Representatives)

Mr. Moran VA:

We have a conflagration in the Middle East today as we speak. We have raised the debt ceiling four times to over $9 trillion and we're going to pass it all on to our kids, and this is how the Republican congressional leadership chooses to spend its time.

Nobody's marriage is endangered. This is crazy. What this is really about and what this amendment should be entitled is the "Gay Discrimination Act." That's all it is.

And what's its motivation? It's a crass political attempt to divide America in an election year. That's what this is all about. We know it, and I suspect a lot of the American people know it as well.

But you're using the Constitution to do so. Our founding fathers put together the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in order to protect and enhance individual rights and liberties. And this goes directly counter to what our Constitution is all about, prohibiting, limiting individual rights. They talked about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But all you can think about are ways to make life more difficult for people who don't fall into the mainstream of America. That's not what America is about.

This amendment needs to be defeated and we need to stand up for human rights, for civil rights, and for states' rights. We know it's never going to get passed. It's never going to get enacted and we shouldn't be spending our time talking about it. We shouldn't be spending our time trying to seek political gain at the expense of people who want to live committed lives with each other. That's not endangering anybody. That's what America ought to be about and what our founding fathers wanted America to be about.

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Very early estimates are that Webb will soundly trounce Allen in the U.S. Senate race (which is why the amendment is being proposed now, Allen is trying to muster as much support as he can), but that the amendment itself will be a dead heat.

Every vote will count on that amendment to write discrimination into Virginia's constitution. Please go register to vote and vote against the stupid thing.

While you are at it - check out who else is running and find out more before election day. I run a completely non-partisan election guide with no opinions at all on it, just information and links to candidates web sites. I put my opinions here (on LJ) and on my WordPress blog.


evcelt; if you don't like me posting that here - please feel free to delete it and let me know and I'll not do it again, but it seemed appropro.

Nope, cool by me.

I am totally pro-voter education, and I applaud your efforts.

Glad to hear that, I updated my guide (thanks for the reminder) and added the full text and links to the State Legislature websites with bills submitted by the antagonists here and the full text and what the state claims are back ground materials (grin).

The real information is at:

In particular: http://www.votenova.org/resources

BTW: Bob Marshall is exactly the same ass-hat I worked all last year to get overthrown in the 2005 state elections, and we sure could have used a few more votes then...

Surprisingly, Governor Kaine has a remarkably strong position on protecting the rights of all Virginians. I figured he'd take this line, but not as strongly as he has, he tends to be pretty moderate. I guess this issue hits his core values and I am glad. If moderates like Kaine are against the proposed amendment, perhaps we can get more supporters out there from mainstream Virginia.

absolutely not, go right ahead...

I am big on voter education - really big on it.
The more people know the better choices they can make.

Copy, link, steal, share to your heart's content (grin).

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