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In the Dark Times: a weekend-length Faerie LARP, 9/8-9/10/2006
This September 8-10, my friends kmusser, wylddelirium and others are running a weekend-long medieval Faerie LARP (based on Changeling: the Dreaming and Dark Ages: Fae) at the Gammons land (in Central PA, between Harrisburg and Allentown... where the summer 1948 Signals games are run, and only about a 20-minute drive east from Blue Mountain).

I'm casting and doing some writing for it, and I think it's going to be really cool.

It's set on an island off the west coast of Scotland in the 8th century, where a small Fae village (notable only for an open trod) and a Celtic Christian monastery (isolated but renowned for its library) co-exist peacefully, if somewhat warily. It's the Harvest Festival, a happy time for both communities...

Registration is open, and there are still character slots... for now- the GMs are closing registration in two weeks so they can write character-based plot.

Here is the website: In the Dark Times

Hope you can play!

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Woot! Yay for gaming goodness.

but the most exciting part of all is that I'm doing tech for it!

Will you do a special tech dance for us?

of course! that's worth coming for all on its own, and THEN there's the actual awesome LARP.

I am also registered for this game, as are several of the LARPA gaming community members. I can't wait!!!

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