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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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I can put up with the water in the basement. With a garage on that level, a few open doors just means we have a bit of a watercourse in our basement. At least we pulled (most of) the manky indoor-outdoor carpet and got rid of it. Things actually dry pretty fast. It's irritating, a bit distressing, but it doesn't happen all that often.

But spending several hours last night bucketing out the window-well so that it wouldn't turn into an aquarium, break the window, and make things far worse... that, I can do without. The nearly-2AM bedtime wasn't part of my plans, either.

This, of course, did not do my back any good.

Luckily, monsteralice was there, to take care of watercourse management in the basement, plus making me hot tea and fetching me my Irish fisherman's sweater so I wouldn't die of exposure.

With one car in the shop, I also got to experience the post-Deluge Metro, which was working fairly well all things considered. The ride was still a lot of "fun", as you might imagine.

Oh, my aching back...

I can hardly focus today. We're doing a massive cleanup/recycle/throw things away thing at work this week, which I suppose is all I'm up for right now, but I still have this nagging feeling I should be doing something more productive. And back-friendly.

And yes, I would like some cheese with my whine, thank you very much. ;-P

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What kind of cheese?

(Deleted comment)
Oh geez, I totally didn't think of the window-well. It's in my bedroom too! I think it has one of those plastic covers over it so that it won't fill, but with last night's deluge, you never now. I'll remember to check it when I go home tonight.

You may be all right. In our case, the entire frickin' patio apparently decided to drain into it. :-(

You can just imagine me giving you a backrub, and feel better, okay?

mmmmmmmmmm... thanks...

Well that's a cheesy response!

"Cheese, Gromit!"

"It's like no cheese I've ever tasted!"

meep! poor you... i keep thinking someday, *someday*, it has to stop raining... i keep being wrong.

best of luck being nice to your back, and i hope the flooding in your area abates. *hugs*

There are many times when I wish I we had a basement. The past week, no so much.

How about coconut oil for the backrub instead of cheese for the whine? Sounds like a draining night for you both. Sorry.

If it rains at the same rate all week, when - and where - should we start looking for gopherwood?

Sign me up for teh coconut oil over the cheese!

How about coconut oil for the backrub instead of cheese for the whine?

You offering? ;-)

If it rains at the same rate all week, when - and where - should we start looking for gopherwood?

We get our gofers to find it for us!


Sure: massage is one of the gifts that is as enjoyable for the giver as it is for the recipient! If either/both of you are in pain, my amateur assistance us available.

As for the rimshot, well... let's not think about how many interns/gofers - and how much pain - it would take to construct an ark of goferwood.

We have a submersible pump on top of our pool cover. I think it cost $60. It plugs into a 110v outlet via extension cord, and pumps water when submersed out a garden hose.

You are welcome to borrow it for a few days if you like. It should keep a window well clear.

sutragirl wrote about our little adventure coming home from Spamalot last night and encountering a flooded Constitution Avenue. Good news, the Prius batteries appear to be sealed, we cruised back out of 14" of water at about 4 knots with no loss of rudder control and no immediately noticed damage.

Important note: E-street and M-street are both relatively high ground leading to ways out of DC when it's flooding.

Good luck with the basement recovery.

I appreciate the offer. Hopefully, won't need it- even with all the rain today, and a true frog-strangler cloudburst that was exquisitely timed for my walk home from the Metro, I only had to bail for a little bit tonight... the floor was actually partially dry when I got home, though it didn't stay that way.

Just out of curiosity, how big is the pump, and (more importantly) how close is the intake to the bottom of the unit? One of the problems is that it doesn't take the water being very deep to start the window leaking... Where did you get it?

I am caulking that puppy shut as soon as it gets dry enough. And filling in every crack in the well that isn't actually important for drainage. And buying a pump as soon as stores have them again.

Thanks again!

Ours has an 8" by 8" square plastic base, and stands 8" tall (though the tall part is a cylander about 6" around. It has a sensor that trips with moisture/water and begins pumping when the water gets 1" above the base until it's about 1/4" (when it stops again).

Ours came with our pool (Town and Country), but I have seen them in seasonal supply stores (those places that are pool and patio in the summer, grill and lawn in the spring, and fireplace and snow removal in the winter), big hardware stores, pool stores, and the even occasional in big box stores (groan).

We are out in Haymarket but make regular trips to Reston and Vienna (work and dance class) if you change your mind about borrowing the thing.

We're in Arlington... is there any way we can arrange a rendezvous? I'm willing to meet you where it's convenient for you... The forecast is looking a bit more ominous.

Not sure if I have the right email for you, but giving it a try there, too.

Oops - sorry I did not respond until well after you'd reached E and picked up the pump - been a heck of a work day.

Even a foot powered pump for an air-mattress can be kludged up for this work, and depending on the height of the window itself, used to get a siphon started with a garden hose so that gravity is your bailer.

It might be wise to investigate some actual drainage options. Burying a line of PVC from the window to the street or a drain might not be very pricey and on the few days a year it's needed, could give you alot of priceless peace- and time to enjoy chocolate and backrubs.

Unfortunately, the window-well is not situated for much that is helpful. I probably should tear up the patio and put down a drainage line there, though...

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