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only in kemet

monsteralice gave me the title and I went from there:

The Lions of Yesterday and Tomorrow

In Kemet, the world was split in twain-
Red and black, day and night, West and East-
And on the temple pediment, two lions recline.
Processions are frozen in paint on tomb walls,
And so we are to them, always one leading,
One following, ever-present yet ever-changing.
Behind them mass the armies of the past
And future; their claws carve lines in life,
Defining forever; their tails lash, the door
Opens then shuts again, regardless of entreaty.
The first's roar drives everything to you,
Possibility like prey, wonder and terror;
The second's paws take all away again,
Protecting, preserving for you and from you.
Only this moment- here, now, bounded by river
And desert, drought and inundation- is yours,
Is kept safe from them, is made safe by them.
Only that- yet in it, the glittering scarab
Uplifts the reborn Sun into your secret heart,
The soul-bird wings its weary way home,
And the lotus blossoms into a god.

Oh, and FWIW: I've decided that the title for my last poem will be "Ve dream". Thanks for the suggestions.
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