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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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[haven't gotten a title for this... any suggestions?]

The key is noise: droning thrum as I drive,
Strange yet somehow familiar above me.
The door opens and I am drowsing home,
Lulled by the buzz of wind in the roof-rack,
Backseat in the family car as we tunnel
Through the dark deeps between Bethany
And Rehoboth. Framed by the rear window,
The night sky spans in silent glory, a mystery
Filled with empires in my young heart.
We crest the inlet bridge and I fiercely wish
A way to keep going, out into orbit
And beyond. A shooting star tumbles
Across the Milky Way and is gone.

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i like your poem... dark deep, shooting star.

"escape velocity"

that's my suggestion :)

I'm horrible with titles hence all my work is called "Girl" or "Eye" I second mosephine, my fellow blue girl, I like "escape velocity"

By the way I just bought your book. I had to wait till I had some cash but I love your potery. You have wonderful imgary.

I love those last four lines. Pretty gosh darn perfect.

The Dreamer Of Dreams

That's my suggestion.

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