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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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...and they brewed Hielan' whisky...
I have a serious and difficult research project in front of me. No, really.

For the upcoming Signals campaign, I'm playing a Scottish character, whose family owns and runs a distillery on the Isle of Skye. So, since I can be a prop-intensive sort of LARPer, I decided it would be cool to actually be able to have his family's brand of Scotch in game. It shouldn't be too hard to make up labels and the little paper-tape seal that goes over the top- I have a graphic for the former, and I really just need to look up old whisky labels and see what they tended to look like.

The onerous part involves selecting the actual brand of Scotch to represent his family brand. This means I get to err, have to sample several different varieties in order to pick the right one. Oh, pity me... citabria has been doing some independent research for me as well; this selflessness on her part is highly commendable. If anyone else wants to offer advice on this important topic, I'd be happy to get it.

So far, I'm in a bit of a quandary. One of the Island malts is what I really would like, but we in Virginia are accursed with state-run liquor stores, which tend to carry a limited variety of single-malt. Talisker would be the obvious choice- I like it, it's the only one currently made on Skye- but it's kind of expensive. Laphroaig is also a possibility (as I recall, it's got a really intense peat overtone, something I often like), but it's also a wee bit pricey. Isle of Jura is a bit more reasonable, but I recall it having a taste that was a bit too "hot" for me. But perhaps I should give it another shot. citabria recommends Lagavulin, but I don't think the ABC store carries it.

As far as the Speyside malts go, I'm quite fond of The Balvenie Founder's Reserve, but it's not at all Island in character; nor is Aberlour, which I also like. Ay, me. Perhaps I need to check in to some of the Maryland stores. The problem is that I want to have something that is a) good; b) not so expensive that it will break me; c) available without having to go on a major expedition to get it.

More research is obviously needed. At least I'll end up with a wide selection of bottles to pick from as the actual container for the stuff...

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The tears flowed freely....

Oh, poor, poor man.
Saddled with such a heinous task...
I would vote for Talisker or Laphroaig, personally... but I would be glad to look for Lagavulin in my area... price-wise, it's not like you going to ahve to buy all that much of it... assuming you keep the Scotch GM (Scott) away from your stash.
And I can always get you more from the wilds of Maryland...

I selflessly volunteer my services to help you in this research project. Don't worry about me sacrificing too much -- I want to do this to help you, my good friend. No sacrifice is too small.

I don't know how I could have failed to mention it, but there is a DC liquor store next to the CVS where I get my dark chocolate. I even went in there today to check out the whiskeys. They carry a good selection of single malts and the prices did not seem exorbitant.

Cue the Twilight Zone music or admit that we have a psycho connection?

Since we know how important accuracy is to you my friend...I volunteer my services to help you in this most important of tasks. I wouldn't dream of you having to go through that difficulty alone :-)

This: --> <--
Is the space occupied by the world's smallest violin. *wink* Happy to help provide second opinions as often as needed.

I think I speak for all of your friends when I tell you how terribly we all feel your pain.

However, being the supportive sort of friends we are, I'm sure we'd all be happy to help you in this endeavor.

Might I suggest LaSalle Liquors in DC? I am not lying. They are on K Street if I recall correctly, and they have a fine selection. I'd be happy to grab anything you might be missing. I'd even, brave soul that I am, be happy to sample it with you!

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