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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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farewell, thou good and faithful steed
I bid goodbye to The Selkie-Mobile this morning.

I bought a new/used car last month- TSM was getting on in years, needed body and suspension work and probably lots of other things. The last repair bill- >$1600- was a factor, as well as wanting to get an automatic so that monsteralice could drive it sometimes.

So, TSM was just sitting there in front of the house until I could get around to donating her to WAMU (resale/trade-in value being negligible at this point). I finally called this week and set things up. The experience was made more surreal by the hour- I was up at 5:45 in the blessed AM, signing over the title and handing over the keys in the predawn rain.

I'll miss TSM a bit- we had many adventures together, and she was pretty darned reliable. I'm nowhere near as broken up as when I lost my first car- monsteralice can testify that after we picked up her "effects" from the wrecking yard, I had to sit and bawl like a baby for a while. But I'm also not as blythe as when I moved from my second car to TSM- the Black Flame became bigblackmimesis's weapon of choice for awhile, and even made a starring appearance as the armored car in 1936:Spain.

Ave atque vale...

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Farewell TSM!!!

Black Flame ... was that the car with all the bumper stickers? And were they your doing? ;)

the car with all the bumper stickers?


That phrase could describe all three of my former cars (and will eventually describe my new one, too).

Black Flame was a black Volvo sedan, license plates AEDDUBH...

And were they your doing?


It was tough on the Hubby (tm) and me when we had to get
rid of the care he had when we were dating. We had one
last ceremonial kiss and then left, rather quickly.

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