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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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church of the easily amused
...my subject line could be an oblique explanation of why I actually kind of enjoyed Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter, but it's actually my excuse for posting an LJ entry that consists of a cute dog story and a cool meme.

Cute dog story

our wonder dog, Molly Hale-Bopp (her surname comes from the comet of that name, which was in the sky when we got her) and I have a game called (originally enough) "The Stair Game". It goes like this: I'm at the bottom of the basement stairs, she's at the top. I get her attention, then move slowly up the stairs, sometimes ducking down, sometimes making growling noises. She reacts by wagging her tail furiously, making weird groaning noises, jumping up and down, making "play bows", and barking. When she barks, she makes a point of averting her eyes immediately afterwards, so as to not be accused of lese majeste. Occasionaly, she gets so excited she has to run around the house. It ends when I decide to go to the top of the stairs and pet her and tell her she's a good girl. There are many variations, but that's the substance of it...

The meme

Courtesy of dprescott via tinhuviel

Here's how it works.
They list ten authors on their bookshelf, you keep the ones that are also on yours, strike out the rest and then add other authors you enjoy to bring the total up to ten again.

Margaret Mitchell
Robert Louis Stevenson
Robert Jordan

Edgar Allan Poe
J.R.R. Tolkien
Stephen King
Clive Barker
Douglas Adams
Ray Bradbury
Robert A. Heinlein
Guy Gavriel Kay
Michael Swanwick
George RR Martin

Pity I have to stop at 10... I was going to add Neil Gaiman and Tim Powers at very least...