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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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it's the little things...
Was feeling quite irritable and peevish after lunch- general lack of sleep coupled with irrational angst at the looming prospect of running a LARP by myself for the first time* are at the root of it; add in dealing with buck eejits at work (note: "be more specific" does not mean repeating the same vague information back to me, proofing reports are meant to be used for proofing before you run the bleeding commit process, and adding "THANKS!!" to the bottom of your email does not make it rise to the top of my queue) and debugging HTML code (which is a wonderful invention that's driving me mad) and I was getting up a fair head of steam in a nasty way.

Going for a walk helped. So did stopping in at the local indy coffee shop- much to my surprise, they had all kinds of Brit and Euro chocolates and other goodies, and the charming old gent behind the counter had a lovely British accent. He agreed with me that there are two kinds of days: when you need chocolate and when you have to have chocolate.

That and a large mocha au lait and a chocolate chip cookie (both pretty good)... thus my mood was lightened somewhat.

EDIT: this thread is making me a lot more cheerful about things, too. My friends are all freaks. I mean that in a good way.

* note that it's irrational, or at least I hope it is ::knocks wood::... "The Greater Trumps" is the game that I'd choose to run single-handedly, if I had a choice. I'm just fretful.

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Hopefully I will not add to your angst - I am very much looking forward to Trumps. :) It's going to be fascinating in a number of ways that I don't think any other LARP has the capacity to be.

Are you running opposite anything interactivearts is running? If not, I'd bet the man is batshit crazy enough to be recruited into assisting you. I don't believe he's been reading much email or LJ for the past few days, as he's been busier than a king's whore during the revolution.

(Deleted comment)
While he is batshit crazy, I'm not sure he's perfected the "Being In Two Places At Once" GMing method just yet.

He is also running an encounter for Nightmare Before St. Patrick's Day during the same slot, so he's definitely working on it though.

Well, he's running "Layover in Santa Calavera" for "Intercon: Z". I'm not sure how that affects the rest of his time for that slot. Would a direct email get through to him? Failing that, could you ask him?

I will not see him again until Monday night, methinks.

That's OK.

I secretly had Auntie Shasha do some hoodoo so that all the problem players would be playing "Nightmare Before St. Patrick's Day", anyway. ;-)

I shall not forget this. :P

Oh, so now you're believing things that you read on LJ?

I believe everything I read on the internet.

this explains so much about you...

parse *this*, then

This statement is not on the internet.

Dude, lemme just say, you are SUCH a girl!

Which is why I have all confidence that you can fly solo with ease and grace.
Think of it rather as an opportunity to not have to keep track of anyone else's crazy-ass decisions, calls, or stress issues. Screw that. You could run a few hours of LARP on your own with Robert Sachs' decayed corpse tied to your back, and I mean that sincerely, if in extremely poor taste.

I can't wish you good luck, because you already took it all.:)

Dance, Shiva!

Thanks for the encouragement.

Robert Sachs' decayed corpse tied to your back


Oh, sure, you're trying to make ambug's troubled little brain explode and *I'm* "ewwwww"?


Dance, Shiva

Yes, of course. That's part of the plan.

Your game was awesome!! :D


I'm really really glad that bigblackmimesis stepped up and helped with floor GMing.

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