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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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A Very Whisky Christmas
- Bought myself a bottle of the Talisker 175th Anniversary bottling as one of my rewards for winning a merit award. I tried this at a tasting last year and it was one of the top 2 or 3 there... some of the best I've ever had. Heavenly. monsteralice prodded me into getting it, but I don't regret it at all...

- monsteralice also gave me a membership to the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, who hosted the aforementioned tasting. Ah, monsteralice, my little enabler...

- the membership came with a bottle of one of their "private bottlings"; also lovely stuff...

- my Christmas stocking had fudge made with Glenfarclas and a miniature of Glenlivet in it

- deboranter very kindly shared some of the bottle that doubleplus and TL brought back for her...


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Boy, sux to be you. :-p

yeah, especially since right now I'm having a wee dram of the Macallan 18, another lovely one...

I am so sorry that my head was stuck in my navel that day - I totally missed your 12/16 entry.

Belated congratulations on the award: it is a great and good thing when organizations recognize people who care about their work and do it well. And current congratulations on your reward to yourself! An admirable choice and admirable monsteralice for enabling encouraging your pursuit of such a noble hobby...

Have you ever tryed Laphroaig? Its very smokey and full. I have a bottle of the 10 year old simply becouse I like the flavor better than some of the older malts.


Yeah... it's one of my favorites. Nothing subtle about it (seaweed and peat bogs all the way, yeah, baby!), but grand stuff. In the 1948: Signals campaign, my character's family runs a distillery, and I chose Laphroaig to represent their whisky, "The Somerled". Now, this fictional distillery is actually on Skye, but Talisker's the only Skye distillery, and it's a bit pricey (and sometimes hard to get in VA), so I looked elsewhere. Laphroaig has the right Island character, a lot of taste, and seems to travel well...

I had a chance to sample their 30 year old, and wow. It's a quintessence of everything I like about the 10...

The one I'm dieing to try is the 40 year old. It sounds unbelievable.


Yeah, though given the price, I'll probably set my sights on the Cask Strength for the short-term... they were hiding the 30 at the tasting; I doubt they even had the 40 with them.

Today, while at a "cousins gathering" of Teem's family, at about 3pm, I stood and assessed the beverage situation. Among the bottles was a bottle of Talisker. Given that it was 3pm and I hadn't had any solid food yet, I decided that the wise move would be to pass for the moment (had some lovely red Zinfandel instead). Nonetheless it definitely confirmed my impression of Teem's family as Good People. ;)

" The king o' drinks, as I conceive it,
Talisker, Islay or Glenlivit." - Robert Louis Stevenson

Heehee.. a whisky-soaked Celt...

Gods bless monsteralice

a whisky-soaked Celt...

gods forbid... I know you're shocked...

Gods bless monsteralice


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