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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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not quite "NaNoWriMo" awesome, but pretty cool if'n I do say so myself... and I do...
I have just submitted the The Sword of Light (now up to over 90,000 words) to a publisher. Now comes the four-to-six-month wait 'til they say yea or (more likely) nay. Wish me luck.

So, on to the next project... without this and 1948 Signals: Everest hanging over my head, I have some breathing room for the holidays. But eventually I want to get back to work on Nekiya and other such projects, and self-publish my poetry via Lulu.

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I've got all my bits crossed for you!

You probably mentioned this once before, but what is The Sword of Light about?

sorry, I just now got this comment emailed to me...

It's basically about a young man who gets drawn into the world of the Sidhe, is presented with a "challenge of destiny", and in the course of meeting that challenge starts to find out his significance in the larger world he's discovered...

Awesome - but why risk breaking your arm to pat yourself on the back when there are those of us out here ready to say, "Oh, my!" and "How clever of you!" for you?

Good luck with the publishers - and the next projects...

Hooray! Good work, my dear!

Can I read it before it gets published? :}

Quite impressive! Good luck to you!

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