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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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on a sillier note
Also in honor of the Moonchild's manifestation... ganked from glenmarshall:

Changes now that baby has arrived:

  • Hubby drops to #2 on the list of people drooling at the sight of your breasts.

  • Finally, someone you can beat at "Got Your Nose," at least for a year or so.

  • You develop a liking for minivans and sensible shoes, and a deep-seated contempt for Michael Jackson.

  • You're not so tolerant of strangers asking to touch your round little belly anymore now that you're just FAT.

  • Goodbye, happy hour. Hello, Happy Meal!

  • Can't leave the AK-47s under the couch anymore.

  • No longer get arrested for whipping out your breast on the subway.

  • The realization that caca comes in a rainbow of lovely colors.

  • Well, there goes the pet dingo.

  • Cases of Bud Light quickly replaced by cases of Butt Wipes.

  • Junior looks adorable in his little "sandbox," but the cat is seriously torqued about it.

  • For efficiency, your paycheck now direct-deposited to Disney.

  • The closest you come to orgasm is when you think of sleep.

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The realization that caca comes in a rainbow of lovely colors.

And boogers.

And projectile vomit.

And often all at the same time...

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