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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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"Call her Moonchild..."
Verionca Grace Smith
Born 11:24 AM
20 inches, and 7lbs 8oz.
Parents and baby are doing well.

My blessings to all three of them.

Welcome to the world, Moonchild...

I bathe thy palms
In showers of wine,
In the lustral fire,
In the five elements,
In the juice of the rasps,
In the milk of honey,
And I place the nine pure charms
In thy fair fond face,
The charm of form,
The charm of voice,
The charm of fortune,
The charm of goodness,
The charm of wisdom,
The charm of generosity,
The charm of choice maidenliness,
The charm of beauty,
The charm of fair speech.

Dark is yonder city,
Dark are those therein,
Thou shalt be the brown swan,
Going in among them.
Their hearts shall be under thy control,
Their tongues shall be yours to command,
Nor will they ever utter a word
To give thee offence.

A shade to thee in the heat,
A shelter to thee in the cold,
A light to thee in the darkness,
A staff for thee in travel,
A harbor to thee in storms,
A fortress to thee in danger,
A well to thee in the desert,
Health to thee for all thy days.

Thine shall be the craft of the Fairy Women,
Thine shall be the virtue of Brigid the calm,
Thine shall be the generosity of Danu the mild,
Thine shall be the skill of Airmed the wise,
Thine shall be the beauty of Emir the fair,
Thine shall be the tenderness of Deirdre delightful,
Thine shall be the courage of Maebh the strong,
Thine shall be the charm of Binne-bheul.

Thou shalt be the joy of all joyous things,
Thou shalt be a light of the beam of the moon,
Thou shalt be a door of hospitality,
Thou shalt be a surpassing star of guidance,
Thou shalt have the step of the deer on the hill,
Thou shalt have the step of the mare on the plain,
Thou shalt have the grace of the swan swimming,
Thou shalt have the loveliness of all lovely desires.

The lovely likeness of Etain
Shall be in thy fair face,
The loveliest likeness that
Ever was in the Three Worlds.

The best hours of every day be thine,
The best days of every month be thine,
The best months of every year be thine,
The best years of any lifetime be thine.

Ogma has come and Midir has come,
Lir has come and Manannan has come,
Morrigan and Tailtu have come,
The Dagda, all-beneficent has come,
Angus the beauteousness of youth has come,
Amairgin the first of the Druids has come,
Lugh the prince of the valiant has come,
And Nuada the chief of the hosts has come,

And Brigid of the mantle has come,
And Danu of the green hills has come,
And the Cailleach Beara has come,
To bestow on thee their affection and their love,
To bestow on thee their affection and their love.

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Congratulations to your friends

And I had no idea you were a King Crimson fan.

I own large quantities of King Crimson and frequently inflict it upon Kathy. Combined with my almost as large quantities of Jethro Tull, this often leads to "Hey man... is that Freedom Rock, man??" as lighters are flicked in my general vicinity.

Re: Congratulations to your friends

Mainly "Court of the Crimson King" (someday going to write a LARP based on all of that album save "21st Century Schizoid Man"), though my roommate in college introduced me to a lot of Fripp's solo stuff...

Lovely - what excellent wishes for any new life.

Can't take total credit for it... took it from a paganized version of a blessing from the Carmina Gaedelica...

Thank you--that's beautiful! :)

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