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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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working on the ground
In 1978, Freeman Allan founded JBL Statues, in order to give a worldwide economic and creative outlet to a group of traditional craftsfolk and artisans near Calcutta, India. This company, now called Sacred Source, provides fair wages and ensures good working condtions for their artisans. Even though I don't agree with much of their scholarship, they provide some of the best religious statuary out there, covering a wide range of world religions. I'm always happy when I can buy some of their stuff- I know that my money's well spent.

Freeman is now down on the Gulf Coast, involved in relief efforts, helping those in need.

Our artisan community in Calcutta has offered their support and are donating as well.

When I read that sentence in their latest newsletter, I just started crying...

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oooh, they have a baby Ganesh statue for way cheap! I'm so tempted - must go wrestle with will power now.....

buy it. you know you want it.

add in a donation. it's only $10 more.


ain't i a stinker?

JMac is the boss of me and he says I shouldn't talk to you about will power

On the other hand I will be making another donation - but through the Humane Society of the US - they are selling their equivilent of the rubber bracelets - but they are collars - So I'll be getting those for my girls. Very fashionable.

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