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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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for the "tempest-tost"

Our Lady of Czestochowa/Ezili Danto

For those who have lost their lives,
For those who have lost family or friends or loved ones,
For those who have lost home or business or sacred space,
For those who are lost in worry,
For those who are at a loss for what they can do*
I call on you, stormy one, fierce mother, protector of the downtrodden-

By the Power of Our Lady of Sorrows,
Mambo Erzulie Dantor,
Wife of Makaya, Mother of Ti-Jean,
With all the escorts of my mother and my father,
I beg your protection and blessing
To those who are suffering in this world.
Bilolo, Bilolo, Bilolo.

Peace to the departed,
Healing to the hurt,
Heart's-ease to the bereaved,
Restoration to the ruined,
Strength to the rescuers,
Love to us all.

* if you want to call on Ezili Danto (who, amongst other things, helps in such circumstances):

Print this out, light a yellow candle and say the [above] prayer before her image... Offer rum, pork, silver chains, silver knives, yellow, red or navy blue ribbons, scarves or flowers. Do this for our friends and family, so that they are safe and loved and protected.


And to help in the material world, Network for Good has a page up on hurricane relief efforts and what you can do to help. And if you give to the American Red Cross, I suggest donating to the National Disaster Relief Fund, rather than a targeted donation- it will still go to the Katrina victims, but in case they get more than they need (and it could happen- it did after 9/11), it will get used for the next natural disaster...

EDIT: for those wishing to avoid charities controlled by dominionist or evangelical groups that practice "stealth evangelism" or otherwise attach strings to their giving, look at this post (thanks, kmusser!). I hate to have to think about this sort of thing, but this kind of thing happens. IMO, it's looting, of a far less forgivable kind than some of the sort going on in NOLA...

Above all, remember to be gentle with yourself. Do what you can, remain calm, project peace rather than panic. We all feel helpless in the face of such things- recognize that, and forgive yourself and others.