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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Molly update 4 (and hopefully that's it)
Molly-dog seems to be almost entirely back to her usual bouncing self. This weather keeps her from being at her perkiest, but no-one at the Sorceror's Cottage really likes summer anyway... I think even Brutus and Shadow could deal with it being slightly cooler. But she's eating just fine, wagging a lot, is playful and happy. Yay!

She still has to finish out the course of drugs, but since they are presented in those doggie-crack-laden pilling treats (they are apparently smoke-flavored and actually smell pretty good to monsteralice and I when we're hungry), that's not a problem. We have to put this goop in her ear for another few days (peripheral infection discovered during the vet visit), but she's even putting up with that. It leaves her ear looking like it's been Brylcreemed, but she doesn't seem to mind too much.

Incidentally, Shadow's worked her Jedi mind tricks on the vet again. First it was "feed them a bit more." Then it was "they need wet food as well as dry". Now it's "put some fish oil in their food, and give them fresh fish or chicken once every two weeks." It's gotta be either mind control or bribery... It's not all bad, though. Last night, I took this as an excuse to get some sashimi-grade tuna from Harris Teeter and monsteralice and I got an excellent wasabi buzz.

Our vet does holistic pet medicine, too. All this started when Shadow started a round of non-hairball barfing combined with hair loss. Apparently, she's hyperthyroid. She's also allergic to the normal meds, so the vet prescribed some Chinese herbal medicine along with the dietary change. Seems to be working- no more barfing, and the lovely cloud-tabby pattern in her undercoat (revealed by the hair loss) is fading. And I get to ask her rude questions about her yinyang. ;-)

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Are you sure Shadow isn't using a Sith Mind Whammy instead? ;)

Yay! I'm really really happy that Molly is okay! I don't think I could handle another beloved pet running off to the Rainbow Bridge just yet. Give her pets and love from us. :)

Does she answer the rude questions about her yinyang?

Only with one of her many ways of saying "f*** you".

Glad to see she's doing better.

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