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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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there is no frigate like a book
Last August, I decided to track the new books I read for one year. I believe I cribbed this idea from castalusoria… Since today is the last day of July, and I have no real inclination to read something else new, I’m going to end the tracking and brag shamelessly tally the results:

And the magic number is 73. Pretty good, if I do say so myself. And I do. ;-)

1Man Eaters of TsavoJ. H. PattersonNFMemoir
2The Violent Death of the Children of UisneachCaoimhin Mac Giolla Leith (tr/ed)NFCeltic
3The Big UNeal Stephenson (tr/ed)FGeneral/Satire
4The Mummy, the Will and the CryptJohn BellairsFFantasy
5A Treasury of Titanic TalesWebb GarrisonNFHistory
6A Cultural History of TibetDavid Snellgrove and Hugh RichardsonNFHistory/Anthro
7Crystal SkullRob MacGregorFMystery/Occult
8More Work for the UndertakerMargery AllinghamFMystery
9FinderGreg RuckaFThriller
10Band of BrothersStephen AmbroseNFHistory
11Rites and Religion of the Anglo-SaxonsGale OwenNFHistory/Mythology
12ForerunnerAndre NortonFSF
13Better than SexHunter S. ThompsonNFPolitics/Gonzo
14Prince of the BloodRaymond FeistFFantasy
15The DaVinci CodeDan BrownFThriller
16Storm FrontJim ButcherFFantasy/Noir
17Fool MoonJim ButcherFFantasy/Noir
18Grave PerilJim ButcherFFantasy/Noir
19Summer KnightJim ButcherFFantasy/Noir
20Death MasksJim ButcherFFantasy/Noir
21Frozen Tombs of SiberiaS. I. RudenkoNFArchaeology
22Blood RitesJim ButcherFFantasy/Noir
23The Meaning of the Glorious KoranMarmaduke PickthallNFReligion
24The Faerie TeachingsOrion FoxwoodNFReligion/Spirituality
25House of LeavesMark DanielewskiFHorror
26Thorns of the Blood RoseVictor AndersonNFPoetry
27The System of the WorldNeal StephensonFHistorical
28Myths and Symbols of Pagan EuropeH.R. Ellis DavidsonNFHistory/Mythology
29Incubus DreamsLaurell K. HamiltonFFantasy/Noir
30The Sagas of IcelandersVariousNFNorse
31Angels and DemonsDan BrownFThriller
32The Stupidest AngelDan BrownFFantasy/Humor
33The Code of the SamuraiThomas Cleary (tr.)NFHistory
34Goddess of the Ice RealmDavid DrakeFFantasy
35Dinosaur LivesJack HornerNFPaleontology
36Jonathan Strange and Mr. NorrellSusanna ClarkeFFantasy/Historical
37The Druid’s AlphabetSkip EllisonNFCeltic
38The Sayings of the VikingsBjorn Jonasson (tr.)NFNorse
39Shamrock TeaCiaran CarsonFFantasy
40Whipping StarFrank HerbertFSF
41The DeceiversThaddeus HoltNFHistory
42The Charnel PrinceGregory KeyesFFantasy
43The Siege of KnocklongSean O Duinn (tr/ed)NFCeltic
44Scottish CustomsMargaret BennettNFCeltic/Folklore
45Pattern RecognitionWilliam GibsonFGeneral
46The Secret History of the MongolsPaul Kahn, Francis Woodman Cleaves (tr./ed.)NFHistory/Mythology
47ShadowmancerG. P. TaylorFFantasy
48Prospero’s ChildrenJan SiegelFFantasy
49The Crocodile HunterSteve and Irene IrwinNFNature/Autobio.
50Tales of Uncle TompaRinjing DorjeNFFolklore
51The Voyage of BranKuno Meyer (tr/ed)NFCeltic
52There Will Be DragonsJohn RingoFSF
53 River of Gold Pamela Hearne (ed.)NFArchaeology
54A Stroke of MidnightLaurell K. HamiltonFFantasy/Noir
55Auraicept na n-EcesGeorge Calder (tr/ed)NFCeltic
56Japanese InnOliver StatlerNFHistory
57The Holy Wells of IrelandPatrick LoganNFCeltic/Folklore
58The Spider’s WebPeter TremayneFMystery/Historical
59Golden Dawn Enochian MagicPat ZalewskiNFOccult
60The Elements of the Grail TraditionJohn MatthewsNFMythology/Spirituality
61The Federalist PapersAlexander Hamilton, James Madison, John JayNFHistory/U.S.
62The Sign and the SealGraham HancockNFHistory/Mythology
63The Wizard’s ShadowSusan DexterFFantasy
64Mama LolaKaren McCarthy BrownNFReligion/Anthro
65Skipping Towards GomorrahDan SavageNFGonzo/Americana
66The White MountainsJohn ChristopherFSF
67Baile in ScailKevin Murray (tr/ed)NFCeltic
68The Irish R.M.E. Somerville and M. RossFShort Stories/Humor
69GilgameshStephen Mitchell NFMythology/Poetry
70The Baker’s BoyJ.V. JonesFFantasy
71BatsM. Brock Fenton NFZoology
72Strange AngelGeorge Pendle NFHistory/Occult
73 The Mummies of ÜrümchiElizabeth Wayland BarberNFArchaeology

That’s not counting all the re-reads (including LOTR), a few shorter works, interactivearts’s manuscript, a heap of comics and graphic novels (including volumes 1-6 of “Sin City”), and a year’s worth of Smithsonian and Wired.

I think it’s a pretty good reflection of my eclectic tastes and eccentric interests…

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That's an intriguing idea. And I've been trying to come up with a way to get past my resistance to journaling. Okay, I will record all the books I read from August 1st to the next one.

By the way, I recommend Accelerando (http://www.accelerando.org), a free online/downloadable SF novel about extropianism. It's not as good as Stephenson but still pretty good.

It's interesting. Last year I passed on this whole thing (which may have started with Catpaw's resolution to read 50 books during the year) because I was reading too much for it to be practical. I was reading (and finishing), on average, five books every two weeks, and keeping track seemed rather pointless.

As it turns out, however, I haven't been reading as much as I used to. A lot of that has to do with two things: chatting with Teem on IM until the wee hours (which led to my napping on the bus into the City) and working from home (which meant no bus to the City at all). I'm a little reluctant to say this but ... I'm not really missing it.

It's okay that I'm not reading as much. I'm still making room for the books that are a priority -- I've just cut down on the filler.

Impressive! I've been thinking of doing this myself. If I start tomorrow, can I count the book I'm currently reading?

Will you be posting a review of all these books?

Will you be posting a review of all these books?

Ha ha ha you make funny American joke! ;-)

Seriously, no, I doubt it. My Copious Spare Time (tm) isn't at all copious... I'm certainly willing to review individual books on that list if people ask, though.

If I start tomorrow, can I count the book I'm currently reading?

Up to you. I was reading Neal Stephenson's "The Confusion" at the beginning of August last year, but I was almost finished so I didn't count it.

Several of your books are on my to be read list but I have not read any of them. Although I do come close with your #1. I have a partial manuscript about that which I bought at the Field Museeum in Chicago when I went to see the lions. I would love to read the whole thing sometime. I'll have to see about getting a copy.

Wow. The White Mountains wasn't a reread for you? That was my introduction to Science Fiction as a child. How did it hold up, reading it for the first time as an adult?

I vaguely remember hearing part of it done as a reading/audiobook once upon a time, but that's about it. I remember seeing the covers of the series and briefly contemplating reading them long ago, but never did.

It held up pretty well. Kind of a sparse prose style, but it worked well for a first-person narrative.

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