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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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Molly update 3
She's not hacking/gagging as much. She has a bit more energy.

The "bland diet" (rice and cottage cheese) makes her wag a lot. People food!

I think they must put crack into the pilling treats we're using. monsteralice calls them "fudge for pets."

Still waiting on some bloodwork.

But in general, yay!

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Excellent! Thanks for the update. But tell me of these wondrous pilling treats? When my dogs were sick, we had to try inserting pills in bread, cheese, peanut butter, etc.

People food, yay! I'm glad your puppy is wagging again.

This is wonderful news!!!!!!

Glad to hear it. Thanks for the good news.

much love and wags for miss molly. I know what made mister rocky sick, so i am not as worried. i just feed him rice until the bad stuff stops...

So glad to hear that Molly is recovering (and enjoying the side benefit of people food!). I hope everything turns out okay.

So glad she's feeling better. Seems unfair that people food goes away when she's completely recovered, though;-)

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