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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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snakeses, my precious
So, I was up at Oak Hollow the other weekend with bishop_fuzzy. We were loading out, and he called my attention to a new resident: a snake!

Pretty little thing, about 2 1/2 feet long, sunning itself on the back porch.

A little research makes me almost certain that it's a young-ish Black Ratsnake- it still had very faint markings on it...

monsteralice and I are really quite enthused about this. It's a blessing. It'll be even more of a blessing if it moves inside the cabin and eats the mice (or whatever is living in the walls and making mouse noises).

For a snake

An ebon scrawl out by the cabin door
Has raised a head and flicked a tongue at me
Now she coils back, interrupts her tour,
And (such bravado!) waits to strike, not flee.
Oh, stay, you pretty thing, and have no fear-
My looming shape contains no threat; it's joy
That draws me, caution-slow and careful-near
To welcome you, a shining-dark envoy.
I hope the dark or bright, the warmth or cool
Appeals; of food and shelter find your fill
The freedom of the house is yours, my jewel-
So slide within and work your winding will.
(Within the walls the scurry-noises play
All unaware their names have changed to "prey".)

- 5/11/2005

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Ooh! What a cutie!

translation from Mediaeval Baebes recording

There was a simple honest gardener
Who was walking through his garden
In January, in a bad storm. Under a pear tree
He spied a small snake which looked half dead

The snake was very sluggish
Because of the snow and wind and ice
When the kind man saw it stiff with cold
He felt very sorry for it and tried to revive it

He wrapped it in his clothes and carried it to his house
He put is near the fire, near the warmth of the blaze
The snake perked up, and before it was roasted
It went and found a hole in the smooth kitchen floor

Every day the good man gave it bread and milk
And some of his own food
The snake grew because it was happy and well cared for
Until it looked like an enormous serpent to everyone

When the summer came, with the heat well established
And no longer a threat from the wind and cold
It came out of its hole angry and irate
And began to poison the house with its venom

The gardener said to it, "Get out of here
Don't you harm this place!" And it grew enraged
It wrapped itself 'round him tightly as if to strangle him
Squeezing him cruelly, hissing all the time

There was a simple honest gardener
Who was walking through his garden
In January, in a bad storm. Under a pear tree
He spied a small snake which looked half dead

Aw, he's a good looking little guy! Really looks like he's enjoying being out in that sun! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!

Lovely addition to your house

And yes, having a snake around can definitely discourage mice. Of course, since I'm one of those people who really love snakes (read: am bordering on fanatical about them), I may not be an entirely unbiased source.

Looks like a rat snake to me too. I have his mirror images in my basement, white to his black :) If he weren't wild and therefore possibly carrying mites or bacteria, I'd say it would be really cool to do a photo shoot of the white one with the black one. . .

Anyway, thanks for the pics. It's nice to see snakes portrayed positively. So cute!

What a charming sonnet!

You may be interested to know that a snake similar to this one was once mistakenly identified as a sea monster.

It must've been a really small ocean. ;-)

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