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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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i'm just an answering fool

1. What are you hoping to learn from seminary?

I really need to get some grounding in pastoral counseling. I've been mostly flying by the seat of my pants in this area for the last few years. Having some formal training in the area is a must-do, for me. I'd also like to broaden my general experience with ministerial issues, and get some pointers on working with people whose belief systems are different than mine- whether a different sort of paganism/heathenism, or people who aren't pagan at all.

2. What are some things you do to feel relaxed / stop stressing / unwind after a busy day / etc?

Reading tops the list, often rereading something familiar and well-loved. I also like to change into different clothes, especially if I'm coming home from work- it helps separate me from the stress. Sometimes, doing some small domestic task like taking out the trash or doing a load of laundry will help. Hold Brutus on my lap and listening to him purr is always a great help. And there's always single-malt scotch.

3. Do you have any comfort foods?

Triscuits and cheese, especially Swiss. Beef stroganoff. Pasta with clam sauce. Good bread. Dunkin' Donuts apple fritters. These pastries called "sugar crisps" that Giant Food carries.

4. Who are some people (and/or other beings), alive or dead, that you deeply respect - and why?

Some folks, in no particular order:
The Dalai Lama- for caring for his people, transforming the public face of his religion, and (most of all) facing the terrible trials of his lifetime without fear or hatred.
Jacques Cousteau- for doing everything it takes to realize his dream, and spending his life opening up a new world for all to wonder at.
monsteralice's dad, the Judge- who, while on the Federal bench, suffered a storm of criticism, hatred and death threats for some extremely unpopular decisions, but stuck to his guns because of his conviction that he was doing the right thing; he also took responsibility for the bad effects that this had on his family, all the while suffering from untreated depression.
My parents- for raising three sons on one government salary, providing us with every need, and paying our way through college... all the while managing things so we never really registered all the scrimping and saving they had to do.
prehensile_wit- for being a wonderful and loving mother to a son who is (through no fault of his own) a very difficult child to raise, for persevering through this and the many other trials of her life while still managing to be the caring, loving, generous person that she is.

5. How much sleep do you like to get? (And do you generally manage it?)

I seem to need 7-8 hours a night, but it's been way too long since I established a baseline. And no, on the average, I don't get it. ;-)