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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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the marriage of true minds

The murmuring fades down as they come- the men
All in formal array, the women flower-toned, bright-
The setting for the jewel, still yet to arrive. There!
The music shifts, swells; heads turn as she appears,
Like a goddess afloat, treading in hesitant glory
Towards us as we stare. Beside me, his intook breath
And look of wonder catches in my throat, my heart.
I do so little, here, today- Love placed them, long ago
On the road to this place; before the light that shines
Between them now I am but a humble witness.
Words braid with tremulous smiles, bright rings
And brighter gazes are exchanged; my hand rests
On their clasp for a moment's blessing, and so
It is done. They walk away, hands and souls entwined
Into their new world. I am left standing, still whelmed
By the gift of joy beheld, a glow of grace unfading
Forever fresh and precious, rarer than any mortal gem.
- 04/11/2005

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Absolutely captured it. How beautiful...

I'd be more grumbly and jealous at your ministerial role if it wasn't so clear that you recognize how lucky you are, and drink so deeply from awe and wonderment.:)

Good job, man. Well-married.

Dance, Shiva!

Thank you. That means much to me.

So, I manage to watch the ceremony with tears in check. And now you go and bring them out finally with this. Thank you.

you're most very welcome...

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