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lotsa answers

1. What is your secret vice?

Well, now, if I tell you, it wouldn't be a secret, now, would it?

2. What would you do if you had some more free time?

Sleep more, travel more, spend more time outside, spend more time at the cabin, watch more movies, go to more concerts, visit more museums, write more...

3. Free Will or Predestination? (explain)

Much more heavily on the side of Free Will. I don't believe that there is any ominopotent force that immovably sets our course in the Calvinist sense. I believe in Destiny/Fate/Wyrd as a factor, but only one of many. Others are: instinct, conditioning, the laws of physics, moral suasion, and of course the Free Will of others. I believe that everyone has their Bliss- the path that they are meant to take- but they have to choose to follow it.

4. What is your favorite book and why?

That would have to be The Lord of The Rings. Tolkien introduced me to the magic of "sub-creation"- the process of making a world through words and art. Although The Hobbit was the book that opened the door, LOTR was what made me walk through.

5. What's the most fulfilling thing you've ever done?

Had a 16+ year relationship with the most wonderful woman in the world. If you mean something that I've done (more or less) on my own... completed my first novel, probably.

1. When designing/selecting a LARP character to play, what criteria do you use?

Team player, lots of friendships and other connections. More reactive than proactive. Not an outsider. If at all possible, I like to work closely with the GMs/writers to integrate my character into the world, and I try to provide lots of "grommets" in my character background. Plenty of reasons to be involved with other people, interested in their plots and problems. I've noticed that I can't really sustain extreme behavior consistently in a campaign or other long-term character. I enjoy romance plots, but they're not essential.

2. If you could have grown up anywhere else in the US, where would you have wanted to grow up, and why would being raised there be significant?

Wow, that's a good one. Unfortunately, I don't think I can give a good answer. I haven't been to any other place often enough, or stayed there long enough, to really know. And a significantly different environment (rural or urban or military base; seaside or mountains; etc.) would have made enough differences that I can't be sure I'd be the same person.

3. What has been your most significant spiritual experience so far in this life?

I will write about this more in a separate post one day, but the short form: Middle School was a horrible time in my life, and it was made worse by a crisis of faith- Catholicism inspired nothing in me, and I thought it was my fault, and that I was damned because of it. Then one evening, I realized that I didn't believe anymore, that there was nothing in that religion for me, and that trying to be a good Catholic was actually doing violence to my soul. I slept much more easily that night than I had in months. That realization freed me, set my feet on the twining paths that have led me to some incredible places, made everything else in my spiritual development possible.

4. What is the one (traditionally thought of as) food item that you would never eat, and why?

Probably bugs of any kind. It's just an instinctive "ick" reaction. Now, if we're talking about things that are part of Western European food culture, the answer is harder. There are a fair number of organ meats that I'd prefer to avoid. Factory raised veal just has too many issues attached to it. But of course, "never" assumes that I have a choice.

5. what is one thing you absolutely *must* do/accomplish in this lifetime?

Keep learning, and try to figure out and follow my Bliss/True Will. In a more concrete sense, visit as many of the places that are important to me as possible, and keep finding new ones. Keep writing, no matter whether it's published or not, but keep trying to get published. Go to seminary and pursue being a minister.

1. When did you know you wanted to become a minister?

I never really felt a "calling" in the dramatic sense. I first got asked to perform a handfasting back in college, and more recently people have been relying on me for other ministerial duties. At some point in the last couple of years, I realized that a large number of people in my "tribe of choice" looked on me as a minister. Over the last year or so, I've been coming to terms with the idea that being a minister is part of my path. next step will be getting some formal training.

2. Why did you get your first tattoo?

There was (and is) in me an indescribable fascination with permanently marking myself with a significant symbol… it's a magical act. The design was chosen to honor Bat as one of my "important" animals. Also, I thought it would look cool. ;-)

3. So who is the evil twin, you or GBA?

We're each other's evil twins. And we're each more evil than the other.

4. Do you believe in having regrets?

I don't think that it's possible to avoid having regrets. But I don't think they are something that should be dwelt on- they should instruct and inform, but not rule your life or impair you living it.

5. What is your favorite charity?

Bat Conservation International. I know you're shocked. Seriously, they do good work, they are focused without being humorless, and they are a sterling example of how a small group of dedicated individuals can change the world.

1. What, as of now, is the single most important thing that happened in your life?

Deciding to pursue my romantic interest in monsteralice.

2. How many more tattoos would you like to get?

I'm not stopping until I run out of skin or ideas. I'm an ink ho'. ;-) Seriously, it's more a question of what areas are off-limits rather than how many. I won't likely get any on areas that aren't covered by short sleeves and shorts. My stomach is too sensitive, ditto inner thighs, underarm, and (need I say it?) nipples and naughty bits. My butt is off-limits (though I often state that I plan on getting "Eintritt Verboten!" inked there. ;-) Oddly enough< I had a dream last night about getting some sort of glyph inked on my ankle- another place it's unlikely I'd have inked in real life.

3. What was your first L.A.R.Ping experience like?

It was at one of the first (theatre-style) LARPs ever run in the DC area- Reklone I, in 1983. It was a confusing, fractious mess, but in a generally good-humored sort of way. I had an OK time, but there was something there, some spark that made me keep coming back for more.

4. If you could visit any one place in the world - where would you go?

I must go to Tory Island one day. I found out about it when doing gamewriting for the 1936 campaign, and became fascinated with the place.

5. What animal do you align with? (What is your "totem" animal?)

I haven't done the requisite shamanic etc. work to identify my "totem" animal, "power animal", or anything like that. I feel a strong affinity for three that I consider to be "guides" in the three worlds: Bat for the Underworld, Raven for the Middle World, and Dragon for the Upper World.

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