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per amica silentia lunae

or, across the ferny brae with the evil voodoo celt

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thanks be to Bast
Beautiful Bast giving Life,
Hail Bast, in visible form,
Casting light into the darkness,
I have come before you,
The path is opened,
The earth is at peace.

A truly frightening ending to a less-than good day.

Water in the basement. Propped garage doors open. Was sure I kept inner doors shut.

Shadow-kitty got out somehow anyway. Didn't realize it right away... only when she didn't show up for gooshyfood.

Spent the next hour or so looking around oustide with monsteralice. No sign. Went to pieces, blaming myself, feeling like the worst kitty dad in the world. Fervently prayed to Bast. Consoled monsteralice and was consoled; Molly-dog consoled both of us (good girl!), but was still unconsolable and felt like shit.

Then went back to basement. Lo and behold she was there, in the garage, damp but otherwise fine.

Conversation like this:

"Oh, it's you. Let me in, for Bast's sake!"
"Shadow, oh thank Bast, you're OK!"
"Feed me!"
"I'm so sorry. Are you all right?"
"Gooshyfood NOW!"
"C'mere little girl..."
"Get away from me, you freak!"
"Oh, you're all damp!"
"Let me go!"
"Look monsteralice! She's back!"

Have administered gooshyfood to Shadow. Have set up shrine to Bast including statue, plate, candle, incense, bowl of bread and honey, glass of red beer. Have administered whisky to self. Will donate to Arlington Animal Welfare league in Her name tomorrow. Still feel like an eejit, but at least have both cats still. Suggestions for more propitiatory offerings gladly accepted.


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Rubies (can be very low quality). Then again, that could just be something between Bast and Barry. And, frankly, from what he's said, once you give her one....

That aside, I'm very, very glad that your Shadow-kitty came back.

Oh hon... sorry for the anxiety! I'm so glad she came home...

I had something like that happen to me with Hamlet once... he managed to jump out a second floor window (eek) and go gallivanting around town right before I was scheduled to fly home for the holidays. I was paniced! Scott was home with his folks, and I was alone with a lost kitty in Wisconsin in December.

That night is started snowing... I had almost completely given up... and I heard yowling on my front step. Hamlet was home, telling me it was snowing on him. He was also covered in male-cat got lucky stink... bleah... but we both made it home for the holidays...

Bless Bast, and may she watch over all of us, cats with 4 feet, and cats with 2.

I'm glad she's back and OK.

(And while I'm terribly sorry about the events that led up to it, your synopsis of the conversation when you found her is very, very entertaining...so some good has come of the ordeal, at least. :)

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